I am an independent game developer, spun up JBWGAMES LLC to house my growing work of games that will be sold on for various platforms. Over time I plan on improving the site and adding a list of all of the games I have published and are for sale at different market places, including STEAM, Apple Store and Android Market Place.

Head on over to the Games List and see what is cooking!

I am actively seeking beta testers for Steam users, Android and Apple, however, the Android Must be running Android Software Version 11 (SDK30) minimum right now and Apple OS should be 14.8 or greater as of 9/14/2021. Steam beta testers will receive a steam key that will be good throughout not only the Beta process of the game, but also into production, it will be your copy to keep. Beta testing is voluntary.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please send an email to

Please take the time to share!

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