XAML Form Viewer and Editor

XAML Form Viewer and Editor is a free viewer and editor that allows users to fill in form data on well-formed XAML Forms, a form designer can design a form using any third party tool that they can create XAML forms in and utilizing the grid tag section as part of the design, the form designed can then be opened up by the viewer, the user can enter data on the form, and save the results back either overwriting the current copy of the XAML form or save as a new copy.

The parent element must be a grid element in its design, included in the program is a sample XAML form with code accessible on the Help window.

This version currently does not have a designer built in, it is meant to show the contents of a page body from the grid tags, it does not show XAML with page tags. The purpose of this program is to allow the end user to use XAML forms with their document management system without the need of a page container.

Sample XAML code is provided on the Help section of the program, see the “Sample Code for Notes.xaml” for a full code layout that the program can read.

Instructions on using the program are included in the Directions tab on the Help section.

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